The Outer Realm Radio with Michelle Desrochers and Amelia Pisano continues on from where it left off with friend and colleague Jack Kenna. We stream live out of the beautiful City of New Orleans every Wednesday and Thursday evening 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST and 8:00pm-10:00pm CST on The United Public Radio Network /107.7 FM and 105.3FM 

What started out as a friendly Q&A to interact with Fans, has grown far beyond anything that we could have humbly imagined in such a short period of time, yielding an international nightly listenership exceeding the 2.5 million mark. This venture is now supported by sponsors such as Folgers Coffee, Musician Justin Snikkar ( Dr. Snik- The Sonic Surgeon) and Steve McGinnis, Art Illustrator. The Show has a “Round Table” style feel to it to which has been complimented on by Guests and Listeners alike! 

Each week listeners will be introduced to featured guests from various television shows, films, radio shows, as well as many authors with best selling books and beyond. These amazing Individuals are well versed in their respective fields which includes Ancient History, Ufology, the Paranormal, Extra Terrestrial theories, Conspiracy theories, Cryptozoology, Mysticism ,Metaphysical, Esotericism, World Mysteries and anything else which would be deemed “High Strangeness” . Nothing is off limits in The Outer Realm.

We are looking forward to a few laughs along the way and getting to know our fans a little better. We hope that you will all follow us along on this amazing journey!

Every live show streams on YouTube, where you can also join in the chat room to connect with Amelia, myself and our guests. All audio archives can be uploaded via many different podcast sites.

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