casa-loma-tunnelAside from being our Media Company,  Canada’s Most Haunted is a research team that was founded in 2001 and is owned by Michelle Desrochers. CMH specializes in spirit research and communication, and currently works in both Canada , the US and Internationally. Canada’s Most Haunted is the parent company of Canada’s Most Haunted Media. We are a fully registered and copyrighted company.

Michelle & and her team have dozens of years of combined experience in Paranormal Investigation, Research and Communication. Our love and respect for history is a barometer for our research into historic places and sightings as well as our resident Mediums. All investigations occur under the direct management of Michelle Desrochers.

Our objective is to research anything that is deemed to be paranormal in nature, in the most accurate, yet sensitive way possible! This is achieved with the use of Mediums and Science ( to the best of our ability), by using state-of-the-art equipment which is regularly researched and updated! We never claim to have all the answers and doubt that any definitive answers will ever found, therefore always welcome the valuable input of our colleagues – often seeking it out!
Do you have a haunted public location that you would like to have CMH promote? Please contact us and we can explore the many options available.

All investigations are undertaken in the strictest confidence; your privacy and peace of mind are our primary concern. A Haunting can at times be very sensitive in nature – and very trying on a family or individual, therefore your information will be 100% confidential. You will NEVER see a case file on our websites, and your information will NEVER be shared with anyone without permission. Be comfortable in knowing that we will handle your situation in the most discreet manner possible. We will only promote public locations as per their written requests. Read more about our terms, conditions & privacy here.

Many people are quite happy to have spirits visit with them – as long as they are friendly and polite (like any house guest) – it can even add an air of mystery to your location (like a haunted B&B). Michelle can advise and direct you should you wish to publicize such information.

If it happens that you have spirits present that you would rather not, we have services available for that as well.

Michelle has been featured on T-E and Destination America’s channels Haunted Casefiles, Paranormal Survivor Seasons 2,3, ET Canada, Global TV, CITY TV, History Television, YTV, Biography Channel’s Ghostly Encounters, Showcase Channel’s Kenny VS Spenny, Toronto Life Magazine, Much Music, Ghost Magazine…and many more.