Casa Loma Ghost Tracking Event — 12 Comments

  1. Hi, due to the limited space and we have 6 persons in total, can you please let me know which of the following days still have seats?

    Monday October 15th, Sunday October 21st, Sunday October 28th and Monday October 29th

    Please reply back so that we can make the bookings ASAP. Thanks!

  2. hi, do you still have space available for this Thursday? There would be 3 of us. Please let me know ASAP as i would be paying with paypal.

    With thanks,

    • there is space, but sadly you paid by echeck…this can take roughly up to 8 days…..the event is 2 days away….We only accept Credit Card payments via Paypal…..there is still limited space but yiu will need to pay with a credit card, and once your echeck clears that will be refunded to you.

  3. I was curious if there was a way to pay for the ghost tour in cash and when r the ghost tracking events for February or march I need 2 adult tixs

    • Sorry
      Casa Loma is no longer offering the Ghost Tracking Events! Please keep watching for other locations!

  4. Why is Casa Loma no longer offering ghost tracking events. What happened to cancel all 2014 dates

    • they are under new management……they are now a huge entertainment facility for parities and fine dining, weddings etc…..all rooms are in use!

  5. Hi I was wondering if Saturday October 18 is available for 2 people?

    • please note that there are no Casa Loma tours taking place….only our Burlington Ghost Walks are open to purchase tickets.

  6. Hi, I read the comment’s up above. Is it true that this event has been canceled for this year? Just because of partying on those specific dates?

    • Casa Loma is now under management and has cancelled ALL of the programs, ours included!