Michelle Desrochers (photo)

Michelle Desrochers has been professionally and actively researching the unexplained, and successfully working in Media for the past 17 years, with her area of study focused primarily on malevolent hauntings and potential non-human attachments or infestation. She is considered one of Canada/North America’s leading researchers. She is highly versed in many subject matters within her field, and has expanded her knowledge to include UFO studies, Cryptozoology, folklore and legends and anything else that is deemed out of this world.

As an International Public Figure, she is often called upon by the media for paranormal consultations, (for television and other related media) and books months in advance for appearances. She is highly sought after, and has a waiting caseload list of 1.5 yrs. She is Co-Producer to the very popular Radio Show “The Outer Realm” to which she co-hosts with her friend teammate, Amelia Pisano, and They Grey Zone Uncensored which she co-hosts with friend and Producer Joe Montaldo.

As an International traveller, she has a passion for ancient history, culture and architecture, to which she has always and continues to excel in.  She considers herself an explorer of all that would be deemed otherworldly.

She credits her multitude of fans within the international community which continues to feed her drive for answers.

Michelle has several pages of media credits to her name, with the most recent Projects being, Paranormal Survivor Seasons 2 thru 5, Haunted Casefiles Seasons 1 & 2, My Paranormal Nightmare, My Worst Nightmare, Hotel Paranormal.

Michelle lives in a haunted Manor House…and coexists nicely with the many spirits that dwell within its walls!